Terri Pilla

Good evening Pat –
I am so sorry that I am just now finally sitting down to write this, but please know that my gratitude is sincere. As you probably know by now, my settlement went perfectly last Wednesday afternoon! Very quick, too – we were done in under an hour! Everything went incredibly smoothly, I was completely at ease due to all of your help, and looking out for me. Jennifer from Trident was great, too, and everyone at Berkshire Hathaway and Trident that had any hand in this transaction on your behalf was terrific. Your advice, from our very first phone call and meeting, was so helpful, and is beyond appreciated. I have praised your knowledge and work ethic to anyone present when there is any mention of real estate, and will continue to do so.
You did not need to extend such kindness, but you did. You have my genuine gratitude.
Thank you.
Terri Pilla 1/25/18

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