This was my first time selling a home and working with Pat Conway, as he was highly recommended by a couple of family members who have used his services with much success. Pat did way more than expected and was informing me every step of the way before I even had to ask. He also told me many things that I was to expect to happen which then did. He had complete knowledge of the area I was selling my house in and nailed the house sale quickly, even though it was in the dead of winter when most people didn’t want to even come out in the long cold spell that we were and are still in. Like others have stated, he went above and beyond! Just look at the accomplishments of his office, and it is clear they are the team to call. I will absolutely call Pat with any future realty needs or questions as he makes himself easily accessible. Also, I needed some work done before the sale and Pat has regular contractors he works with who were fast and very reasonable. Thanks Again and I am glad I gave them a call!”

2250 S Darien St, Philadelphia, PA 19148